Calculate the cost of your commute

Recently I purchased a new vehicle. There are a lot of financing calculators on the internet but none worked in exactly the way that I wished, so I made my own.

Complete coverage of the many ways of financing a car are beyond the scope of this calculator. The calculation below will show you how much financing your vehicle will cost, and give you a rough idea of when you'll be "underwater" with your loan (owe more on the car then it is worth).

Depreciation rates are just guidelines.
Use "High" for brands like Kia that have a high rate of depreciation.
Use "Average" for brands like Subaru that have an average rate of depreciation.
Use "Low" for brands like Jeep that have a low rate of depreciation.

Car current age (in years):
Purchase Price of Car:
Down Payment:
Amount Financed:
Annual Interest Rate:
Duration of Loan (in years):
Depreciation rate:
Cost of Financing:
Monthly Payment Amount:
Total Cost of Vehicle:
Amortization Table

Note: This calculator is just for fun. I'm not an accountant, so don't use these numbers on your taxes.