About the LCARS Expense Demo Application

Application Requirements

Your users are in need of a system where they can enter expense reports. Expense reports have a name (or purpose), and one or more line items.

For example, if someone went to a training seminar on 2/1/2019, their expenses for this may resemble:

*Note the format of this is for illustrative purposes only, the structure of the data is provided as a sample.

    Name: Training Seminar

    Description: Flight
    Amount: $200
    Payee: United
    Date: 2/1/2019

    Description: Seminar
    Amount: $99
    Payee: Trainer's Inc.
    Date: 2/3/2019

The basic flow for a user is to add a new Expense Report with a name. For that Expense Report, the user can add, edit or delete, expense line items. Line items include description, amount, and the Payee. The user can also edit or delete the Expense Report.

Business Rules